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The Keto diet has had a dramatic rise to popularity recently and for good reason. It works! The challenge is that doing Keto correctly and safely isn't straight forward.
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What is the keto diet?

Following a Keto or Ketogenic diet means that you’re switching your body’s fuel source from running off carbs and glucose to running off dietary fat and Ketones.
There are two types of fuel sources 1) Sugar fuel, which runs on glucose and insulin 2) Fat fuel, which runs on ketones. When you break down fat, it turns into ketones. Ketosis is your body's natural burning fat process.
An average body has about 1700 calories of stored sugar. When this gets high, you’re going to become tired and when this gets low you’re going to become irritable. On the other hand, we have about 70,000 calories of stored fat which will produce a much more consistent fuel source.
You won’t experience the same highs or lows on the keto diet. Fat is a much more efficient and cleaner fuel. Best of all when your body is running on ketones your hunger goes away because you can efficiently switch into fat burning between meals.

Benefits of the keto diet

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