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Rakich Grip™ Multifunction Fitness Bar


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“A more efficient way to vibrate the whole body muscle and lose weight.”– JRF Shop ??

High-Frequency Vibration, A Better Way To Exercise And Lose Weight

Vibration causes a reaction that tenses the deep and trunk muscles. The stick can drive muscle vibration 300 times per minute. It is an effective training device to speed up your muscle vibration rate and develop your upper body muscles. 

It’s suitable for almost any sport. When the number of swings per minute is increased, it causes an increase in metabolism and heart rate, strengthens your whole body, develops your stability, strength endurance, and coordination.

Multifunctional  & Perfect To Stimulate Deep Muscles

With particular and precise vibration 8.5hz and high elasticity. No matter if you’re a fitness beginner or an experienced athlete, use the Rakic Grip Bar at the gym or home for the daily workout, you can exercise your back, pelvic floor, and core muscles.

Or you can use it to relax your body after training. It is also can be used as physical therapy equipment for back or neck pain, and gymnastics equipment. 

The elastic fitness stick can be used sitting, standing, moving, or balanced, making it suitable for all ages and fitness levels.

Safe, Efficient & Durable

The elastic fitness stick is 160 cm total in length with a cylindrical natural rubber gravity pendulum at each end. The stick is made of sturdy glass fiber and the non-slip handle is made of natural rubber. It’s detachable to carry and storage. that makes it more comfortable and flexible to use.

Easy To Use & Vibrate Your Body

Just connect the sticks, rotate the screws, and you can easily fix them together.

Even if the elastic stick is swung with a strong force, the handle and gravity pendulum will be tightly integrated with it. 

Using this elastic fitness stick combines a variety of sports to improve your sporting performance. 

elastic fitness stick

The Benefits You Will Get

✔️ Increase metabolism

✔️ Improve posture

✔️ Shape muscles

✔️ Burn fat

✔️ Increase concentration,

✔️ Train proprioceptive therapy for back and neck pain 



Material: Glass Fiber and Craft Rubber

Dimensions: 160 x 0.96 cm

Weight: 0.55 kg

Hand length: 26cm

Rubber diameter: 3.8cm

Color: Red / Green / Blue / Black

Applicable Scenes: Yoga, Gym, Home Gym

Applicable people: Fitness People At All Stages

Packing Included:

Rakich Grip™ Multifunction Fitness Bar *1PC


  1. Please allow 1-3cm differences due to manual measurement.
  2. Colors may vary slightly different due to the screen.


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