Aftab Hayat


110 KG


85 KG


7 months


United Kingdom
“I’ve always struggled with my weight from 15 years old and over the years tried many different ways to lose weight. 4 years ago I was at my highest weight of 122kg and I knew something had to change. Since joining JRF in September 2020 I have lost over 36kg and I’m in the best shape of my life. I have more energy, feel good and have a boost in my confidence. This transformation for me has truly been life changing. To achieve any goals in life you have to remain focused and have a clear end goal of what you want to achieve. True results will only come from remaining focused and consistent. True change comes from instilling good habits and making a change for good. To have a healthy body you need a healthy mind. When you realise everything is connected you will start to instil habits for a better lifestyle. Change has to be for the long term and not just temporary.”

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