Ahmed Helmy


92kgs KG


74kgs KG


12 Weeks


I gained last year 20 kilos because I was busy studying and just eating cos I was studying for a big exam, after I was done with my exam I went to the gym tried many plans online and none of that worked. I have been trying for several months to lose weight by going to gym 6 days a week, cardio each day and workouts and monitoring my calories and none of that worked. I heard about the keto program from Joseph and several sources online so i decided to give it a shot. I went with Joseph’s plan and went to gym 4 days a week and the results were instantly. I lost about 10 kilos the first month. That regained my self confidence as I looked so bad and didn’t like how i looked.and i thought it would take years to lose this weight surprisingly i lost it in no time. Now i finished 3 months of keto and lost around 18 kilos in only 3 months. I still can’t believe it. You just have to follow ur plan and show dedication and don’t give up or quit cos u will make it one day. Just focus on ur goal and have a target and remember why u started this and don’t let anything distract you. Cos every effort u did and every no u said to a meal u like will have an amazing result and will be worth it and make u proud of urself. Finally I wanna thank Josef and his team as without them I would not be able to achieve such results. No enough words can describe how grateful I am to them. They are amazing and support you and answer all your questions as soon as possible. Thanks a lot guys

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