Alicia Laguna


77kgs KG


68kgs KG


12 Weeks


Puero Rico
The challenge of competing against myself to get in better shape kept me motivated. In the 12 weeks I went from 170-150pounds and also increased my strength and endurance drastically! I was at a really tough spot in my life, when I started the JRF 12-week transformation program. Where I’m at now is proof that you should always strive toward your goals. If you want this for yourself, apply. I didn’t feel strong mentally or physically before I started the program. I really wanted to better myself, I just didn’t know how. Now it’s tough, you have to really push yourself. There are days when you don’t even want to think about going to the gym because you are mentally exhausted . But Josef was there every step of the way. You push through it and there becomes a point in your journey where everything just clicks, your mental state changes and you know you can do it. I’ve learned so much during the journey that the JRF program put me through, in the kitchen, and about myself. This program gave me more than I ever could have asked for, my mental state is the strongest it’s ever been and I have self confidence for what feels like the first time in my life. This program is that it has given me the tools to continue learning and continue growing, your journey doesn’t end when the 12 weeks is up. #JRFresults

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