Amelia Flanagan


96.9kgs KG


83.3kgs KG


15 weeks


When I had my son my body changed, I didn’t know how to keep weight off and put weight on and felt so uncomfortable, I eventually learnt how to loose weight and lost 20kg and i felt amazing. And then I had to have my gall bladder removed and I was in the same issue, my body changed and I was lost again only this time My body wouldn’t let me loose weight the same ways. I over 5-6 years and may failed attempts i put 15 of those kgs back on that I had lost! I tried and tried and tried and literally had given up on loosing the weight. I eventually saw the jrf plan for keto from Jazgoesfitspo and mz_keto and I watched them for a few weeks before deciding to try keto in a last effort and i failed… because I wasn’t ready and had just gone through a long term relationship break down only the first week in. So I decided to wait till I was mentally ready. One day it clicked that I was ready, i signed up and 15 weeks later I had lost most of the weight. I still want to lose the rest of the 15kg and maybe see if I can push through to 20kg as my goals change when I reach those. Thanks josef and the team, I feel amazing again :)

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