Andy Porter


88kgs KG


79kgs KG


12 Weeks


United States
I have been struggling with my weight for about 2 years now. I use to be a soccer player and I was fit for the majority of my life, I started coaching soccer after I graduated from college and i just increasingly got lazier and my diet continued to get worse. I would play here and there and it helped me stay a little in shape, but not what I needed. I know diet is a big part of it, but I always just tried to workout a little and make healthy choices when it was completely convenient. I started following you on Instagram and Snapchat and you were very inspirational. Just a good hard working down to earth guy. Most of the time I see guys like you I just think it’s bs and there is no way to achieve results like that without cheating, but you changed my mind on that. I read reviews about you and your program and everyone had nothing but good things to say. I figured well I have tried multiple things and nothing really seemed to motivate me or give me enough confidence to just stick with it. I was ashamed about my body for years. I finally decided that it was worth it to give your program a shot because nothing else had worked. The way you tailor the program to meet our dietary needs and challenge us physically is unlike any other program I’ve seen. You are very down to earth and I see that this is your passion and that you truly get something from seeing clients transform their body. I am much more happy and confident as person now, and I will continue to work hard to get where I want to be. Thank you for your continuous support! I have not been this weight since High School….. over the past couple years I have fluctuated between 195 and 210 and could never ever get below 195. I have been fluctuating between 173-175 after 3 months on your program. I just all around feel healthier and better about life. Thanks again JR #JRFresults

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