Aviv Aharon


79 KG


68 KG


6.5 months


United States
“I delayed a lot of time after Josef plans, and at first I was very worried, because I said it probably would not work, but then I took courage and signed up for Josef weight loss program, and I’m really glad Joseph changed my life, and gave me confidence, it helped me a lot, And I’m grateful for that.. it’s very good ? [I would say to my past self…] Not to be afraid, to give yourself the best, and to trust professional people like in Josef system, and I’m really happy about that..absolutely. I recommend anyone who wants to make changes in their life to sign up for Josef program, and I have recommended to many people I know who want to make a change to sign up for Josef program and they have signed up, and they thank me for it so much every single day…”

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