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Bikiran Pardesi


82 KG


72 KG


5 months


New Zealand
“I have been a client of JRF for quite some time but it was only this year that I followed the plan seriously and also engaged in conversations with Josef on messenger more regularly. I was amazed at how he responds back to me within a day regarding my queries and that made a big difference. I felt like the help he is offering is absolutely unique as he does not charge a lot. The JRF team have been very patient and very helpful whenever I wanted to change my plan as I did change it often. Although at the end of the day it is my hard work and consistency that helped me get my results but it was the validation of my approach and small bits of advice such as do not follow the “All or nothing” approach and the answers to my simple but worrisome questions whenever I hit a plateau made a huge difference.”

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