Daniel Linn


94kgs KG


72kgs KG


8 Months


United States
I really don’t have an incredible story. However, just around Christmas of 2014 I didn’t want to look or feel the way I did any longer. So, as a Christmas gift to myself I purchased the program and have been hard at work ever since. I really don’t have the extra funds to purchase the supplements, fancy powders or shakes but the meal plans and workouts were at a price that I could manage and they work! Everything was easy to follow and easy to perform. The meals aren’t complicated with tons of prep work and the workouts aren’t super elaborate. It’s been really fun the last month because the weight has just started to melt away as I’m now around 16%bf…maybe a little lower! And now I’ve made it my goal not to stop until I’m 185lbs and less than 15%bf! Thanks! #JRFresults

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