Dean Christie


76 KG


62 KG


2 years (on and off)


United Kingdom
“JRF has given me the tools to success. I used to count calories, run and workout never being one to shy away from putting in the effort but the results were always the same which in the end would get me down as it was not the results I thought my effort deserved. It took me a while to jump onto JRF but I am know kicking my self that I never done it sooner. Having the plan and diet to follow with the incredible support from JRF is worth every penny. Follow the plan and diet and the results will soon follow. Believe in the process. Find Josef Rakich and sign up. The guy is a genius. So many fad diets and miss information out there on the internet that don’t work or is misleading. JRF works for everyone and it is so simple to follow and the different diet plans give you options so you can change it up depending on your lifestyle and preferences. Just having the workout plan to follow allows you to make sure your you are hitting your goals and working out every muscle that needs it.”

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