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Dylan Wickenden


130kgs KG


99kgs KG


4 Months


New Zealand
I started on the JRF Keto plan in October last year after deciding that I wanted to lead a healthier lifestyle. I had done some research into the Keto diet and liked the sound of it, but didn’t know where or how to get started. After following Josef’s progress on Instagram and seeing his results I decided to give it a go. Fast forward four months I have now lost 30kgs following Josef’s videos and tips. I have way more energy, more self-confidence and I’m leading a much healthier lifestyle. The Keto plan was so easy to follow and adapted into my lifestyle without it becoming a chore. I also loved the versatility of the plan, and having the support of the group helped me to stay on track and focussed on my goal. I can’t wait to see my results progress as I continue on this new lifestyle and work to gaining more lean muscle mass with Josef’s fitness program.

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