Edgar Arroyo


68.9 KG


64 KG


2 months


United States
“It has changed my life dramatically. I feel a lot healthier, stronger than ever, love the definition, this transformation brings me a lot of joy, energy and motivation to keep going in my fitness journey and other areas of my life, I had always been trying to be like this but due to lack of consistency in training and diet, I failed, but this time, I went all in. Six days a week training, I did cardio in the mornings from 6-7am 5 days a week, and extreme abs. while all my family and friends were eating all the yummy staff, I had my chicken breast and veggies on my plate. Even at the movies, i brought my slice cucumbers while my niece was eating her butter popcorns… all worth it, and I’m motivated to keep on going. What a great way to finish the year. Don’t give up, creating a foundation of consistency, having a big determination, and the right training and diet, will make the difference”

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