Eduardo Madera


67.6 KG


81.6 KG


5 months


United States
“Yes! My new body has attracted a lot of attention from both women and men alike at the gym. At the gym, those ripped guys who didn’t share their tips with me were surprised and complimenting me about my appearance. Also, my friends on IG told me I look amazing and asked me what my secrets are. I told them there is no secret and! : they can sign up with Josef Rakich! I also noted that I’m on a keto diet, and that surprised them because they have tried it and it didn’t work for them. I say just give Josef a try! :) I wish I could tell my past self to count every calorie no matter what and meet all macros and kept increasing the overload over time! I learned the importance of tracking calories and overload weight during JRK programs and this Facebook group has taught me a lot. Many friends and family members of mine are amazed at my body transformation so I feel and look very good. This has given me a lot of confidence. I can finally take off my shirt outside and walk around. I eagerly look forward to getting shredded even more until I hit 10% and then build lean quality muscle mass again until I stop at body fat 15% and repeat that cycle until I’m very satisfied with the ripped body. I know I can accomplish that goal!”

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