Eduardo Madera


79.4 KG


52.6 KG


9 months


United States
Before I started the JRF program, my self esteem was low because I didn’t have the workout partner or support system to help sustain my progress toward achieving my physique dream. I realized that there are more to workout plan: I can choose 7 different meal plans and get support from JRF group on Facebook. I don’t post so much but I lurk around and learn a lot from others who asked questions and later I asked a lot of questions that Josef actually took the time to answer my question. I’ve learned a lot from him. Two guys who were new members at my gym came to me in the locker room and told me that they think I’m big and ripped. At that moment, I didn’t think they were serious because I still felt small but no, he said other guys were talking about how big I am too. Because I’m deaf and legally blind, I didn’t realize that my body transformation is inspiring others in the gym. I have been so focused on my workout as if I have a tunnel vision on my body goal. He also told me that people who he has never talked in his life were having conversations with him about how much progress I made over the past months and inspired they are by me. I’ve gained confidence thanks to JRF program! I’m ready to bulk and get bigger and more ripped! ?????

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