Felipe Mendoza


90kgs KG


69kgs KG


10 Months


United States
I had always been an athletic person all through my high school years. I was in American Football all my life. I simply let myself go with all the fat fast food America has to offer. I was living the good life so i thought. Until one day i said ENOUGH!. I was nearing High Blood Pressure and i almost got Diabetes as well. I said to myself. I know i can do this…. because i always had a fast metabolism when i was young. I had a great body. I wanted that back. I had a friend that lost weight at work Veronica Sanchez ” she gave me the inspiration to start. Josef gave me the tools and knowledge to finish. I want to thank Josef for his amazing work. He inspires me to continue. My weight lost is almost over. I am going to start bulking up soon. When Josef says he can help you guys out. He really can

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