Georgia Mulligan-Wright


105 KG


65 KG


12 months


New Zealand
“After getting pregnant in 2019 I began overeating and not training which resulted in rapid weight gain… gave birth in may 2021 and continued to overeat until my body started to really physically struggling to hold the extra weight. My knees and ankles aching daily, I couldn’t stay standing for longer than 10 minutes without getting sore feet, my self confidence was non existent. I didn’t even want to be photographed with my new born baby because I was ashamed of how unhealthy I looked After a harsh wake up call of realising I wasn’t being the mother my son deserved knowing my unhealthy lifestyle was to blame I switched it up immediately, discovered jrf and haven’t looked back since. Until recent looking back on my journey, I owe a lot to jrf not only because of the amazing results I’ve achieved but also for all the knowledge I’ve gained- especially on nutrition and correct form. Now I am finally able to eat in a slight surplus again as I embark on my new fitness journey in gaining muscle! Thanks guys”

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