Jack Archer


123.4 KG


107.3 KG


9 weeks


“JRF has changed my life in so many ways, I have so much more confidence in myself and I’m a lot more active than I was. Going for runs and even taking back up sport. I have always been the biggest bloke out of all my friend groups for so many years and that did effect my mental health a bit. But with the help of JRF and the help of my personal trainer it really has made a massive impact on my life. 9 weeks ago I started the JRF keto diet and I wouldn’t look back, I’ve lost 16.1kgs, down 3% body fat and 19cm around my waist. The thing that has made me the most happy is that I’m below 110kgs which I haven’t been under that in over two years Not only has this helped with my physical health, but also my mental health too and that has really helped me in making moves forward in my life. The new confidence boost has got me to apply for University which will help me with my future career goals I can’t thank you guys enough. If I were to go back and see my past self I would say to him not to be so glum and to stop doubting yourself and putting yourself down everyday because things will get better. Stop lazing around all day on the couch and eating junk and get more active, because you’ll feel better for it in so many ways.”

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