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Joe Hatfield


94.5 KG


103 KG


3 months


“My confidence and over all mental health has sky rocketed. Before committing to my JRF programme I was in a low place mentally battling depression partly due to such an isolated place I call home and such a solitary line of work I?? in and alcohol was a daily medicine. Thanks to the JRF teams guidance I am feeling better than I think I have in my whole adult life, my confidence is up and all I want to do is tell anybody who will listen how much a healthy diet and consistent workout programme can change your overall mood as well as help you look great. Will always be grateful for what you guys have done for me and helped me do for myself. I wish I could tell them alcohol is borrowed happiness and a waste of my time and money, living a healthy lifestyle is key to finding happiness within and helps endlessly with viewing things more positively from obstacles throughout my work day to my personal life. I wish I could tell them to start the programme much sooner.”

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