Joel Wheelhouse


90.7kgs KG


85.7kgs KG




I started my journey after putting on a lot of unnecessary weight while in lockdown. I had been following Josef for over a year, watching his snapchat videos when one day I realised that I had a belly. This really depressed me. It was when I was playing on snapchat when I came across a nutrition video that I needed to sort my diet out and who better to help me than the person who motivated me to do it. The first week of this was challenging but once I got my head around that my meal plans replaced my snacks with something that was going to benefit me, this kept me focus to shift the gut. 12 weeks later, my stomach is flatter, I no longer have man-boobs and love handles have dropped loads. I even feel lighter. This change has resulted in me signing back up for another round.

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