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John Ogni


129kgs KG


98kgs KG


2 years


United States
“I must say that if anyone doubts Josef’s programs, don’t!!! I’ve been working on and off with his programs for about 27 months now. I was always a doubter and disbeliever in programs, diet and exercise. On the left I was 34 years old 284 lbs and 31% body fat, smoked cigarettes and drank heavily. I had never worked out before in my life except high school for 2 months but becoming a father and wanting to be the best version of myself for my kids was my motivation! I wanted to be able to run around with them, throw a football, play basketball or go hiking etc! I found Josef and it was a life changer! I had my ups and downs throughout my journey as most will but it’s not about how you fail, it’s about getting back up and staying consistent and remembering your why. No matter how many set backs you have just remember what got you this far, what made you take this leap! Realize that health and fitness is not a chore or a quick fix. It’s a lifestyle, it becomes habit and a great one at that. I am now 37 years old in the best shape of my life. I am sitting at 216 lbs now and 5-7% body fat for the past 4 months thanks to Josef, his workouts, diets and constant online motivation whether it’s on fb or through Instagram! Josef you are a genius and it’s been a pleasure following you and I will continue to do so! On that note everyone have a blessed day, week, year and life! Stay consistent, focused and dedicated to your goals and you will without a doubt smash them! #JRFchallenge”

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