Jonny Young


104kgs KG


89kgs KG


12 Weeks


New Zealand
I’ve struggled with my weight all my life, from Primary school the whole way through High school. I was never lazy though, I represented my High School at all levels in Football, Rugby and Hockey but my weight always got in the way of me being able to excel and achieve my true potential. I always loved going to the gym too, but I never really knew what I should be doing. As I went to the gym more and more I gained more knowledge about training but could never force the body transformation that I wanted. Then I found Josef Rakich Fitness, this man is a Legend! I saw his transformation the polar opposite of mine but I knew he could help me. So I joined up weighing and embarrassing 104kg I just looked silly, and from day 1 of my training I’ve been hooked, it’s not a chore to go to the gym it’s what I look forward to everyday, and the more results I hit and targets I smash the more I want to keep pushing my body to the limits! Half way on the 12 week journey I’m now weighing in at 89kg – WHAT! Crazy results! I’ll be working with Josef Rakich Fitness for life! The passion and pride Josef shows for fitness really shines through on his clients programs!I’ve never been happier thanks to JRF #JRFresults

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