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Josef Rakich


61kgs KG


85kgs KG


4 Years


New Zealand
This is a brief of my own transformation. I have always been a weak skinny kid and growing up into my teenage years I was nothing but skin and bones, to be honest I didn’t have any muscle mass at all. I joined a gym in 2008 but I never took it seriously until quite some time later, this is when I started following a good training program and a good healthy diet, shortly after I started to notice my physique changing at a much faster rate and this is when I really started to make my transformation (the second pic was from 2012). Once I started to see some decent muscle gains, that is when I got addicted to bodybuilding. Since then I have never looked back, this was something that started off as a hobby at first, but it’s defiantly a lot deeper now. This is my passion and what I live and breath for. Lifting weights makes me unique, being average is the worst thing you can be. I cannot think of anything worse than living life like the average Joe who just goes to his boring job everyday that he hates but gets home just in time to watch his favorite TV program. How can some people live like this? My transformation has not only changed my physique, it has changed my whole life and gives me something to live for. I love training hard in the gym, giving every set everything I have, every time, leaving nothing… That is just such a good feeling that cannot be matched. I want other people to experience this life changing transformation, this is why I created this website to help others also achieve their dream physique! No matter how old you are, male or female or what your current physique looks like now I can help you achieve your dream physique whatever that may be with my Online Personal Training Services. The results start when you do! #JRFresults

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