Kate Taylor


107.9kgs KG


81.7kgs KG




I was fast approaching 30, I had a little 5-month-old and 2 12 year toddler, a business and a household to run. At the time I thought this is life and this is how I’ll look forever. My mental health and anxiety which I have always battled with took a turn for the worst. I knew I had to make a change. I was lucky I had experience in the gym so I knew how good this made me feel mentally. I started off slowly and increased my workouts when I was physically and mentally able. I fully committed to eating healthy and fuelling my body with plenty of healthy nourishing food on the JRF plan. Over the last 18months there has been a lot of obstacles, sometimes this got me down but with the support of other women on the support page and my family and friends, I have always overcome these. So take this from a busy mum of two if I can achieve this so can you. Show your kids how strong and healthy we all should be. 26kgs down and I’m the strongest I’ve ever been mentally and physically!

be a part of something great

take the first step. we will do the rest.