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Keegan Bright


kgs KG


kgs KG


12 weeks


12.6kg lost. 8-10% body fat lost, 0.5kg muscle gain. Strength increased from 5 reps 120kg bench press to 10 reps by the 12th week (all other lifts improved) “The keto meal plan provided by JRF perfectly stripped the fat off my body while maintaining and even growing muscle, gaining strength and keeping me fuller for longer and even sharper throughout the day cognitively. I had no issues with a keto flu and cravings weren’t bad (until the finish line was close… then because I knew I could have carbs very soon I was way more keen!) I’ve become much more confident with a shirt off, I’ve learned that I don’t need alcohol to have a good time out with friends and that I feel much better when eating real foods rather than junk all the time (go figure!) I’ve now experienced keto and can confidently recommend it as an option for those looking to make a change in their health and fitness – and yes, I love carbs , bread, beer, potato, pasta are all favourite foods of mine and couldn’t ever keep them restricted for life but why not test yourself and see what you’re capable of with a temporary restriction. I’m glad I can now solemnly say, I have the will power to say no to unhealthy cravings, bad habits and behaviours when I choose to, I proved it to myself and I plan to continue to prove it to myself. Get help with your nutrition! It only takes 12 weeks to change your life, it won’t be easy but it will be worth it!”

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