Kerri Baker


103 KG


78 KG


12 months


New Zealand
After being fat shamed one to many times i decided it was time to get myself sorted and get the weight off. I started with JRF about June 2020, messed around with it a bit not really taking things to seriously, Oct 2020 I got back into the gym at Rampage North after many year of avoiding the gym, would my place, got into a routine, since then I have been going 5 nights a week and it is my sanctuary as I can work off the stresses of the day and work on ME which is one thing I haven’t done for years. I have been able to succeed with my weight loss with the help of Paige the gym manager who has written me several killer programs and also the help of support from Josef. I know it has taken me ages to get to where I am as I openly admit I fell off the plan more times than I can count BUT I got back on again which is the big thing. My journey isn’t over yet. Thank you JRF. The biggest piece of advice I can offer is if you fall off plan don’t let it get into your head just get back on plan and keep going. #fat is sweat crying.

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