Kimberli Fourro


85kgs KG


74kgs KG


6 Months


Today marks 6 months of my life overhaul – as of today, I have officially lost 10.1kg. I have also been smoke free for 6 months (I had one slip up a few months ago). It’s also been about 3 months since I’ve had alcohol. I’ve grown mentally & spiritually. I’ve developed a healthier relationship with food, and myself. I have more self control, I self sabotage less, and I’m proud of myself. I am surrounded by a phenomenal amount of support on and offline. Every relationship I have is flourishing, especially the one I have with myself. @josefrakich @mimisfitnesspage & team JRF have afforded me the opportunity to do all of these things, through guidance and education. There is no question, query or concern that goes unanswered & I can’t thank you enough. The JRF online community is insanely supportive and you’ve created such a powerhouse of an empire Jo. This is just the beginning.

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