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Kyle Dunk


94kgs KG


78kgs KG


10 Months


United States
About 10 months of cutting fat and bulking for muscle. Before pics on left are from about October 2017 and the pics on right are from now, July 2018. Started at about 208 lbs (94kg) and got down to 158 lbs (72kg). 3 months of this was on Josef’s Keto Diet. I was stuck at about 194 lbs (88kg) when I jumped on with Josef and got down to 174 lbs (79kg) after the 3 months. Alot of sweat and will power. Nowhere close to my goals but I have nothing but time. Goal now is to do a true clean bulk for a bit and compete in a powerlifting competition in about a year and then cut down again and possibly compete in a men’s physique competition.

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