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Liridon Gjurra


107kgs KG


83kgs KG


30 Weeks


As a typical guy, I only ate junk food, candy and drunk soda! I drank until my body does not hold out more! Then my health deteriorated. When I saw Josef Rakich video, I thought HOLY F**K!!! I needed a change and to see there is way i can get healthy. I ordered his plan I thought I have nothing to lose. I started at weighing over 237lbs at 19 years old and now at 20 years and because of Josef, my weight 184lbs! have lost a total of 53lbs with consistent workouts. My life has changed completely, my health, confidence and my mental strength. The reality is, it takes effort and consistency to properly shape our bodies into the phenomenal organic machines they were always meant to be. #JRFresults

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