Logan Dee


105 KG


82 KG


3 months


United States
I started this challenge 90 days ago with the intent of winning a trip to Fiji and Inspiring others in process. Because I knew what it would take to get to where I am, from where I was. And I knew if I could show myself I was capable of conquering what I thought impossible than maybe in turn it would show other people that they are just as capable. The most valuable thing I got out of this tho was reshaping my life again. I found the old me. The person I loved and wasn’t self conscious of. Fitness has always been a big part of my life but just like anyone else that’s struggled to stay consistent, I would stray off my diet or lose touch with the gym. Then during the pandemic i fell deep. I gained unnecessary weight and completely lost myself. It made me depressed and unhappy.

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