Mandeep Singh


99.7kgs KG


82.5kgs KG


3 months


New Zealand
I started JRF program for bulking in October 2020, when I started my weight was 95 Kg, I followed that plan for a two months then went for 25 holidays when came back from holidays had some personal problems and I was away from the gym for minimum 3 months and had lot’s of fast food, alcohol, pizzas. I was getting fat, then decided to go back to gym and checked my weight and it was over 100Kg, which was really hard to loose to get back on track, My friend insisted me to take JRF keto plan ( because I was in doubt that can I survive without carbs and calories deficit) then I had keto program end of Feb 2021. it was really challenging for first week but I increased my coffee intake for two weeks. I asked JRF team to avoid processed fats in my diet plan ( because cholesterol can jump up) and add only natural fats and they done pretty good work on my diet. Then body adopted food easily in three weeks and I had no cravings after three weeks, hard thing to do in keto is say No to friends when they are having party or going out, but I quite managed that. I started loosing weight from first week and I didn’t take step back for 3 months and 5 days. It was amazing to lose 17 KG in three months. Every one can do it but we need to trust on ourselves, our trainer and determination to mindset. Thanks to JRF team for this incredible diet and workout program. I still have a long way to go only first step is hard which I have completed.

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