Matt Giunta


86kgs KG


84kgs KG


12 Weeks


United States
Going into this contest I thought I had pretty good knowledge on fitness and dieting. I was wrong. For the first two months of the program, I decided to bulk. I thought bulking was just eating a lot of food and adding a lot of body mass. I was wrong here as well. Along with adding quite a bit of muscle mass, I was also noticeably losing a bunch of body fat. My weight did not change too much, but with the amount of fat I was losing and muscle I was building, it made sense. I was shocked at the end of the 2 months at the progress I was making. I chose to cut for the last month just to get rid of as much fat as I could. I don’t know why but there was not as much change in the last month as in the first two, not that I’m complaining. I am extremely happy where I am and where I am headed with the help of Josef’s plans for me. Win or lose the contest, I am winning with how I look and feel. Thank you Josef #JRFresults

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