Matt Wolfe


109kgs KG


82kgs KG


33 Months


United States
When I first saw videos of Josef Rakich, I was inspired and in awe. I have never seen a person so shredded with size. From that day I wanted to become just as shredded as him. I was about 6’2 weighing in over 250 pounds. I was in terrible shape. Never went to a gym before I needed to make a change desperately. My doctor was concerned about my health and he told me that if I did not get my act together that I would run into serious problems. I found a gym, began doing some cardio, circuit sets and began to change my diet. I had kept seeing Josef’s videos, photos and updates and it just kept inspiring me more and more. I wanted to have abs just like and get that v cut. I followed what he advised me to do and everything worked itself out.I purchased my meal plan from Josef in hopes to put on some lean muscle and shred my remaining fat. I began to put on size and my belly started to go away. Pretty soon after the rest of it left as well and I began to start looking good. The meal plan really helped me stay on point while I was changing because it showed me just how much to take and when to do so and what numbers had to be hit. I owe all my success and achievements to Josef for making my meal plan and inspiring me to better myself. I presently weigh between 174-180 pounds at around 4% bodyfat. I began at 30% and I am so happy to be where I am today. I highly recommend speaking to Josef about a meal plan if you want to better yourself and get to where you want to be. #JRFresults

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