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Mona T


94.8kgs KG


77.5kgs KG


16 weeks


I have struggled with my weight my entire life and have been a binge eater on and off. It wasn’t until I stumbled across the JRF program through following a friends journey. I watched from a distance for about a year before I took the plunge. All I can say is I wish I didn’t wait that year! These past 16 weeks have been the best relationship I have ever had with food. Besides the most easiest meal plans to follow and not to mention delicious, the online JRF community is phenomenal! That alongside the plan has helped me to stick to this new lifestyle of mine and I can’t wait to continue and get to my goal weight. Highly recommend to anyone wanting to try keto and my best advice is DON’T WAIT! Start living your best life now!

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