Nicole Argieard


101kgs KG


79kgs KG


26 Weeks


I gained weight slowly after leaving the military in 2009. It crept up on me. I knew I got bigger, but I guess I was in denial about how big. I finally saw a few pictures from a vacation in May of 2013 and realized just how much I had put on. I started going to the gym and just like most women, I hung out on treadmill and elliptical. I wasn’t afraid of the weight room because of the other gym goers or because of insecurities.I just didn’t know where to start or what to do. I saw Josef on instagram, and started following him. I checked out the website, thought the price was great and the transformations really looked amazing. I wanted to have an amazing transformation too. I love how every exercise is explained and the meal plans are exact. I also love that the meal plans are catered specifically to your needs and goals. I love lifting weights now and I’m working towards getting into even better shape with Josef’s help. I’m hoping that my next transformation will be even more amazing. #JRFresults

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