Oliver Höglund


107.0 KG


99.2 KG


2 weeks


“Overall i feel so much better already. I have better mood, much more energy and i feel positive to life. I also feel i am becoming a better dad for my 1 year old daughter, which makes me really happy! I love this program, makes me feel so motivated. I have always struggled with bad foods and sweets. But i have managed to stay away from it during my JRF program, and i’m proud of myself for that. Feels like i have changed my bad habits and i am going to keep it this way because it makes me feel good. I’m really excited what these 12 weeks has to offer for my body. But most important is that this is a change of lifestyle and that is what i Will keep on grinding with from here on Moving forward. JRF is a lifesaver, i would recommend JRF for anyone who is about to change their lifestyle.”

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