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Rashaun Brown


88kgs KG


91kgs KG


5 Months


United States
I started to become increasingly interested in weight lifting upon hearing that a knee injury (without going into detail) would no longer allow me to play basketball. I started working out having read as much as I could about bodybuilding and gaining muscle to feel I knew what I was doing. I did a decent job on my own but working with Josef I was seeing phenomenal changes faster than I could keep up with! People constantly asked me what I was doing different and I owe it all to Josef’s guidance. Besides the amazing workouts and awesome meal plans my favorite service provided by Josef is his teaching ability. My questions are never answered with a yes or no but instead with a detailed response allowing me to fully understand and comprehend the topic. Since signing up for Josef’s guidance I have become stronger, smarter, more confident, and have a new perspective on fitness. He definitely knows what he’s doing. #JRFresults

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