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Rebekah Louise


50kgs KG


48kgs KG




November 2013 I started going to the gym 3 times a week. My weight was going up and down as i struggled with my diet. And i had difficulty with working out how much to eat and not eat to be able to maintain the weight I had lost or to even be able to loose more weight. 2014 I decided to give josef’s 12 week program where the workout and meals are planned for you. I found josefs workout plans amazing, challanging and to be great workouts. The meals being planned for me worked out well for my lifestyle as it wasis one less thing I have to worry about. I am on month 3 of my 12 week program and I am seeing small changes in my stomach and arms. Each month josef creates a new meal and workout plan which also makes it enjoyable and interesting as I am learning lots about different exercises and meals. Giving me the knowledge I need to live a healthier lifestyle and being fit. I have also learnt lots through the website where I can read further information to enhance my knowledge. #JRFresults

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