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Sasha Morales LLan


71kgs KG


64kgs KG


8 Weeks


United States
I started lifting at about age 14, and have had a growing passion for health and fitness ever since. For a long time I thought that I was doing really well. I was eating bhealthyb and lifting heavy, however, I still wasnbt seeing the results I wanted. I was obsessed with a desire to achieve my dream body, but didnbt know what kind of changes I needed to make to get there. When I saw the advertisement for Josefbs transformation challenge towards the end of January, I knew it was exactly what I needed. Josef taught me how to properly fuel my body (and enjoy it!), take responsibility for my actions, and finally experience the results Ibd been craving. Josefbs workouts greatly increased my physical strength and internal self-confidence. During one of the hardest times of my life personally, I held on and gave this challenge everything I had. Ibm in the best shape of my life to this point, and am even more motivated to continue now than when I started. My transformation was over a period of 55 days (just shy of 8 weeks). This transformation challenge has changed my life, and Ibm excited to continue making progress. Thank you Josef Rakich! #JRFresults

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