Sean Gordon


92 KG


77 KG


5 months


“The JRF program has helped me in so many ways. First thing is I used to suffer from severe sciatic nerve pain from a protruding disc in my lower back. Now that I have lost the weight and strengthened my core, I have had no more episodes of the disc protruding into the nerve and I am now pain free. Secondly my cardio and stamina is off the charts! I train BJJ, kickboxing, and mma, and have always been so out of shape that I could barely last a couple rounds sparring. Now I can go round after round without a break. I?? out working all the younger guys it?? crazy! Also things in the bedroom with the wife have never been better. I would tell myself that life could be so much better in so many ways if I would eat properly and exercise regularly. I would explain all of the benefits that I am feeling now and stress the importance to start right away.”

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