Sergej Krivenko


79kgs KG


83kgs KG


5.5 months


Sergei also saw massive progress in his strength, check out some of his PB progress below Deadlifts 275lbs to 365lbs Bench 185lbs to 245lbs Squats 185lbs to 245lbs “I broke my back snowboarding in February 2020. I quickly dropped my calorie intake and had to reduce my activity. I went from 180lbs to 165lbs in a few months. Once recovery made fitness manageable, I put on some weight and hit the gym again. In August 2020, I took on JRF’s plan to gain my weight and strength back, and I’m now stronger than I was before I broke my back. Pretty unreal if you ask me! As a long time fan of JRF (followed back in 2012), I wish I could’ve gotten on his plan much sooner. That said, I’ve used his plan while on deployment and again now after breaking my back, and every time I’ve come out stronger than ever before.”

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