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Stevie-Lee Griffiths


67kgs KG


61kgs KG


12 Months


So my husband has been into the gym way before myself and always wanted me to go with him, but as a lot of other people I was scared of the gym, weights, and the “big scary people haha” So I never could get myself to go or if I did it was only on the treadmill. Anyway Scott (my husband) was following you on Instagram and Snapchat and doing your free workouts. I started tagging along with him and doing your workouts as I had a video I could watch of your techniques and my husband their tweaking my form so it was like the videos you were showing. After a while I thought why not just get your paid workouts so they are tailored to me and my body. Fast forward to now. I am now going to the gym 6 days a week and eating all the correct food. I follow your workouts daily and your meal plan has taught me so much on different foods, calories, proteins ect. I now don’t see this as a “diet” but a lifestyle plan. It does get easier as time goes on and now it is just second nature!! Going from a girl who use to only be able to just lift the bar on bench press at the start with Scotts assistant to now being able to do 40kg I am so happy!! Along with going up in weights in all other areas as well. I couldn’t be more happy! Mind you it does not happen over night a lot of hard work goes into it I have been consistent for over a year for these results but it is all worth it. Scott has since also jumped on the bandwagon and has your workouts ect tailor made for him also which has also made it easier again for me as we bounce off each other. We work as a team on this as again like I said before it is not a diet but healthy lifestyle plan for us both. Working out and the food prep is always priority for us as it is what we love doing. I would like to thank you for the easy to follow guide of workouts and meal plans. It has been a life changer. I use to be scared in the weight section now I love sometimes being the only girl in there with all the boys

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