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Stewart Pennell


86kgs KG


77kgs KG


12 Weeks


United Kingdom
I had be lifting in the gym for a few years not really seeing the results I thought I should be so started getting annoyed with myself and loosing motivation whilst still trying to out train my poor diet. It wasn’t until I saw a picture of Josef pop up on my instagram I had a whole new inspiration and level of motivation. I straight away e-mailed him asking a load of different questions thinking I wouldn’t hear anything for days and probably wouldn’t be JR to reply. That night had a massive reply answering all my questions and more so I signed straight up to his ultimate personal training package. All my programs were designed specifically to me so for the 1st month I stuck to the plans exactly hoping to see a slight change. For the 1st time I was weighing my foods and training with some direction. In a month I went from 86kg and over 20% bodyfat to 77kg and below 15% bodyfat. Now I am hooked, and absolutely loving every minute of my training, the food plans are awesome and are updated each month, I actually look forward to each meal. Can’t wait to see what the future brings for me working with Josef, has really given me a new direction in life now. No matter how many questions I ask he always reply’s straight away. Highly recommend purchasing the ultimate programme to anyone, don’t waste anymore time in the gym like I did. Whatever your goals this is definitely the man to see, Can’t thank him enough. #JRFresults

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