Tayla Vitali


79.6 KG


56.4 KG


1 year


“When I first started out it was only for my physical health basically I just wanted to be skinny! It wasn’t until about the 3rd month that it actually wasn’t really for my physical it was for my mental and emotional health- I was in a massive rut and I had been for about 3 years. I wasn’t eating often and when I did it was absolute rubbish and the saying is ‘ you are what you eat’. I was moody and bitter, I was uncomfortable in my own skin and had absolutely no confidence I stopped myself from having friends and hanging out with them because I didn’t want to leave the house. Doing JRF not only helped me physically to lose weight it helped me gain my confidence I’m no longer a moody or bitter person and I have made some amazing long life friends that I spend as much time possible with! I don’t put things off anymore I just do it! I get that bikini I liked in the shop window! I got that tattoo I’ve wanted for 4 years! I got those ear piercings that I really liked! I just do it! I would of told myself to do It a lot bloody earlier that’s for sure! That you don’t need to be this person and this will work if you give it a real go! Thank you to Jo and all of his team! Thanks for making meal plans that are easy to follow and delicious to eat! Thanks for responding to all of our questions and doubts. Thanks for making a support network we can go to for some extra encouragement! Thank you!”

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