Tesia Worley


63kgs KG


53kgs KG


5 Months


United States
In January 2014 I went to the doctors and saw my weight at 168 pounds. Never did I think I would allow myself to get that unhealthy. A few days later I was chosen to represent Honolulu in the upcoming Miss Hawaii USA pageant and took this opportunity as a challenge. By June I dropped down 28 pounds from just eating better, but didn’t feel better. Josef’s online fitness services came to my attention and I thought to myself, why not. After reaching out to him, him and his team were immediately helpful and supportive. It was like I had a support team 24 7. I fell in love with the regimen and the meal plans. I taught my body how to push physically and mentally. Because of Josef’s Fitness Program I’ve obtained overall wellness: physically, mentally and spiritually. This new lifestyle had such an effect on my life, I even added health to my published book. I placed third runner up in the pageant, felt more comfortable than ever in a swimsuit and rocked the stage with confidence and strength at 117 pounds.

Tesia Worley – Miss Honolulu USA” #JRFresults

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