Tessa Pearson


62kgs KG


65kgs KG


12 Weeks


United States
I first started working out after I saw my friend compete in 2011. I was off and on the first year and a half and stuck on the diet part which is the hardest part. I had always loved fitness and anything fitness related. I have been active my whole life but after seeing his show, I got into weight training and body building. I love the sport and what it supports. I was struggling with the diet part and different workouts to shock my body. That’s when I saw josef rakich fitness and thought yea this is something different and its obviously working for him and he knows what he is doing. Therefore I paid for it and expected to see results because of the program and people willing to work with you online. I started in July with this program and continued to do it for the last few months. I had seen massive improvements in the short amount of time. I kept my diet pretty much on point with a few cheat days here and there. I gained about 8lbs of muscle since July to November. It doesn’t sound like a lot but with a lot of hard work and dedication it is possible. So I would like to thank Jose and his team for working with me these last few months. #JRFresults

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