Tony Kaliopasi


113kgs KG


102kgs KG


6 Weeks


My fiance introduced me to JRF. She has been doing JRF for a year and abit now and after seeing her incredible results with the team and seeing her energy levels increase, body transform and a whole new confidence about her, I decided to make the change. I’ve been doing JRF keto for 6weeks now and my own transformation is a testiment that JRF keto works. I was 113kgs 6weeks ago and now I am 102.6. Down 10.4kgs in just 6weeks. I’m so grateful to the JRF team for personalising my meal plan and workout programme to my goals. I have abs now,I’m out running 10ks twice a week now, something I wasn’t able to achieve 6weeks ago. I’m loving my meals and my training programme. I love seeing the results everyday. JRF has now become a lifestyle for me. I am on a life long journey and I am happy to have found a programme, I can do for the rest of my life. Best thing about the programme is I get to do it with my fiance. Thank you to Josef and the JRF team for transforming our lives. Cheers to forever. #JRFforlife

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