Tyler Madrid


204kgs KG


176kgs KG


10 weeks


United States
“Before I started with JRF, I workout out a little bit but nothing consistent or structured. I had dealt with substance abuse for several years, lost jobs, homes, relationships, and ultimately hope. After hitting bottom once again in June 2019 I decided to change my life. June 2, 2019, would mark the start of a new way of life. It still took me till August 2019 to enter back into the gym. I started with the basics. 20 minutes cardio and about 45 minutes resistance training. Although I began to live a healthier lifestyle, I paid no attention to diet and still had a lot of work to do. I had started following Josef Rakich several years before I became a client. I finally decided to dive in. I had heard of keto from some family in 2019 but didn’t know much about it. I was happy to see that JRF offered this program. I decided on simple keto because although I wasn’t drastically overweight, I did have fat to lose and I wanted to be toned. I selected the keto cut plan and it was on of the best decisions of my life. Every week pounds would come off. I started seeing definition in my physique. Honestly the meals were easy simple. However the workouts were intense as they should be. Never would I have thought I was capable of doing ~90+ total reps on leg press(drop sets and giant sets) or 400+ ab reps(extreme abs!!) But I was able to. I started at over 200 pounds and over 15% body fat before JRF. End results showed 176 and 9% body fat. To help motivate me along the way, I utilized body scans which also showed other measurements of improvement. Structure of the JRF program and making the decision every day to do what it takes showed results. I set goals and reached them. I followed the program a good 90-95% and no alcohol. I am excited to gain more satisfaction from the guidance of the JRF team. Seriously thank you! Try a program and stick to the diet most of all. Utilize that meal swap button. Prep in bulk for a few days at least. When buying meat, portion it out as soon as you get home. The food scale makes it easy. I rarely looked for substituted ingredients. I trusted the JRF team and emailed them numerous times for suggestions, answers, and they replied quick. I’m still a client as of today 5-14-2020. Reach out to me if you want to know more about my story, motivation, process, and results. Best of luck to you all. Tyler M. NM, USA”

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