Warren Wilmot


107kgs KG


82kgs KG


11 Weeks


New Zealand
As far as I can remember I had always been overweight. I was the fat kid in school, and had resigned myself to the fact that it was just my lot in life and who I was. I blamed everything including genetics and lack of time. I had joined the gym a couple of times in the past but never had any real results. Heading into my 26th birthday, I thought Ibd give it another crack to lose some weight and went into the local gym. That is when I met Josef Rakich, a bbuffb young personal trainer. Josef put me on a 12 week training program and meal plan, which I followed to the letter. Within the first week I saw results and this fueled me to push on harder. In just 12 weeks I lost over 20kg and felt better than I had ever done in my life. For some chubby guy who never exercised or played sports, I had so much energy and a renewed outlook on life that I signed up to run the New York marathon in 2011. And six months later, I crossed the finish-line in central park.I cannot recommend Josef highly enough, he has helped me to change a life-time of bad habits. If you follow his program you will see results. #JRFresults

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