Zachary Kreiger


92kgs KG


78kgs KG


8 Weeks


United States
I originally started at 290 pounds almost 3 years ago(age 17) I actually lost over 110 pounds in a 2 year time span by myself but learned a lot from my weight lifting teachers from school, friends in the gym, to people like Josef and many more in the fitness industry, YouTube, Instagram, snapchat, etc. I started Josef keto cutting program at 205 pounds. I did a 8 week and was able to lose 33 pounds and get to my lowest weigh in ever at 172.2. I only did a 8 week cut because of how much weight I was losing and I really didn’t want to go below 170 for my height and build. A couple months before I stated Josef keto plan, I made the switch from weight lifting to all calisthenic and been doing it ever since. Making the switch from weights to just all body weight movements like handstand pushups, planches, front levers and so much more, I got the feeling from when I first started lifting weights and just fell in love with calisthenics.

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